Dr Gavin Kemball

A fertility specialist for life


“Delivering a baby is one of the most positive aspects to medicine. I have always found that open and honest communication can make all the difference to your birth experience.”

Dr Kemball has delivered thousands of babies in the UK, and now provides full obstetrics service to Sydney patients. For many of his patients, it’s reassuring to see their journey to parenthood through with the same doctor.

If you would like Dr Kemball to deliver your baby you will need to book into St George Private Hospital. His nursing team will provide you with all the help you need, from initial appointments and tests through to midwife and birth plan advice.

If you have had a previous caesarean and would like to deliver with a vaginal birth this time, Dr Kemball will support you with this decision. Known as Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC), it is often highly successful but you need to understand what is involved and at what point intervention may need to be considered.

St George Private Hospital Maternity Facilities

  • Maternity unit specialist midwifes
  • Anesthetist on call
  • Six birthing suites
  • Private maternity rooms
  • Respite nursery
  • Special care nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Find out more about having a baby at St George Private Hospital

Book in for your delivery with Dr Kemball as early as possible in your pregnancy, for continuity of care.