Dr Gavin Kemball

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Menstruation disorders

Dr Kemball helps women and girls of all ages with period pain, irregular menstrual cycles or premenstrual dysphoric disorders (a severe form of PMS).

Treating adolescents with painful, heavy or erratic periods, can be complex as over-investigations can potentially lead to more issues later, and he will do everything possible to protect future fertility. The first step is to rule out any other possible causes through blood tests.

Frequently, period problems are caused by hormonal imbalances, and can be treated with medications that may also alleviate other symptoms such as acne.

Treatment for menstrual disorders is very much dependent on your life stage. Some contraceptions, such as a Mirena, can also alleviate the symptoms of heavy or irregular periods.

If you have excessive menstrual bleeding but do not want to undergo a hysterectomy, endometrial ablation is a common procedure that removes the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is very effective, and in many cases may cause periods to cease altogether without the need for a hysterectomy.

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