Dr Gavin Kemball

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Pre-Implantation Diagnosis (PGD)

If you have any concerns about inherited conditions, including birth defects and genetic disorders, Dr Kemball can involve IVFAustralia’s Genetic Team in your treatment plan. This may include genetic testing, counselling and advanced science techniques during IVF treatment, including Pre-Implantation Diagnosis (PGD).

What is PGD?

We can now test embryos for specific genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, and then select unaffected embryos for implantation to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.

This can help many couples who have experienced years of infertility, even if they are unaware of any serious genetic diseases in their families. For example, if the female partner is over 38 years of age there is a higher risk of Downs Syndrome, or there may be underlying genetic causes for recurrent miscarriage.

Please note we can only test for a specified condition, not all conditions.

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Advanced Embryo Selection

If you are aged over 38, have a history of recurrent miscarriage, or have been through many unsuccessful IVF cycles, Dr Kemball can use Advanced Embryo Selection to increase your chances of IVF success.

This is a breakthrough technique that screens all the chromosomes in your embryo on Day 3, so IVFAustralia’s scientists can select one with the most likely chance of resulting in a healthy baby.

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